Welcome to Rock Hunger

If rock ‘n roll has the power to change the world, it certainly has enough power to change one community at at time by helping to raise money for your local food bank and helping to feed the families of your community!

Music has the power to fundraise.  There are musicians in your town who will donate their time and talent.  They just need your direction.  We created Rock Hunger as a fun vehicle to feed those in need and raise awareness about local food banks and pantries.  Following the example of heroes like Bruce Springsteen, Bill Ayres (World Hunger Year), Jon Bon Jovi, and Tim McLoone (Holiday Express), we are using music to help create a more caring society.  Let’s rock it out!

Dave Popkin, CEO, Rock Hunger

Our Story

Four years ago, after seeing this guy in a van make another donation to her food pantry, Eileen Painter, the former Executive Director of the Nutley Family Service Bureau, ran out and grabbed Dave Popkin by the ear and said, “Hey, who are you?” After Eileen explained the organization and its needs, including: money, publicity, more donors, and a younger donor base, Dave said “How about a rock concert?  My band will play for free.  We’ll call it Rock Hunger.”  They got a free venue, they got free bands, they got hundreds of people from the community “under the tent”, and these people became donors and volunteers.  Three successful fundraising concerts later, Dave is rolling out the concept nationwide.  

Our Mission

To hold concerts across the United States that will benefit the food banks and pantries that serve the hungry and food insecure.  To feed people with the power of rock ‘n roll.

Our Vision

Rock Hunger will raise funds and the visibility of your organization.  It’s the perfect marriage of giving people a fun night out while also making them feel good about helping a worthy organization.  Every town will have its own bands and its own twist, but every town needs to fight hunger.  We are here to help you do it.

Our Team

The Rock Hunger team is made up of the staff, food banks, bands, and volunteers that work tirelessly to make their communities a better place! The Rock Hunger team shares ideas, plans, and knowledge. Rock Hunger team provides everything you need to start raising money so you can focus on what’s really important..feeding the families in your community. Rock Hunger is YOU! Join us as we fight hunger in our communities.

Dave Popkin, CEO – Rock Hunger’s Founder is not only an experienced event manager, he is also a versatile network-level sports broadcaster, marketing & media consultant, as well as a professional gigging musician.

Our Friends

I look forward to Rock Hunger every year not only to play music, but as an opportunity to connect with my local community. Attending and performing at Rock Hunger is always a good reminder to me that we are all in this together and being kind is not only fulfilling, but it’s fun. 

– Madison Gerish, Veteran Rock Hunger Performer

Dave Popkin stands apart.  His creativity and out-of-the box thinking has inspired new and exciting fundraising options for NFSB, including Rock Hunger.  Dave’s gift for visuals and promotion have increased our visibility in the community.  He will prove to be a priceless asset to your team.

– Eileen Painter, Former NFSB Executive Director

At the Jersey Shore, we know rock-n-roll; and as one of the few non-profit concert venues in the state, we have seen our share of fundraisers. Rock Hunger harmoniously brings together both concepts. Dave and his staff rock…literally!

– Matthew DeSantis, Jersey Shore Arts Center